Brian DeAngelis Resigns Caught in Wal-Mart Taking Schoolgirl Upskirts

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Brian DeAngelis Resigns after he was caught in Wal-Mart Taking Schoolgirl Upskirt videos.
39-year-old Brian DeAngelis is no longer the athletic director at the Texas A&M University-Kingsville after just 80 days on the job, .

Police answering an unrelated shoplifting call, saw DeAngelis fleeing a southeast San Antonio Wal-Mart,pursued by the angry mother of a 14-year-old school girl.

Brian DeAngelis Resigns Caught in Wal-Mart Taking Schoolgirl Upskirts

Brian DeAngelis Resigns Caught in Wal-Mart Taking Schoolgirl Upskirts

The cop halted DeAngelis, and the mom caught up with them. She claimed that DeAngelis had a cellphone-camera attached to his shoe and that he had maneuvered his foot under her daughter’s dress.

At first, DeAngelis claimed that he had been merely tying his shoe. He even turned over his phone to the cops– which by then he had presumably removed from his shoe.

The cops looking through it soon found an upskirt video of the teenager’s panty.

DeAngelis was charged with improper photography, a state-jail felony punishable by up to two years behind bars, and released on $5,000 bail.

“It’s not a good situation at all,” understated TAMUK chief of staff Randy Hughes last week. “It’s not something you want to happen. It does happen. The university considered it serious. And we are gonna have to move on.”

By Wednesday, DeAngelis’s firing from the school was official, and gone was the $110,000 salary he had just started drawing as the head of the Javelin as athletic department. An interim AD is now running the program while TAMUK seeks a permanent replacement.

Prior to that job, DeAngelis held the same position at East Central Oklahoma University, where he added ladies golf and volleyball programs to the multi-directional school’s sports menu. He also spent seven years working in lesser positions at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. In a sense, his career went from TAMUCC to TAMUK to UPCHUK.

In 1994, DeAngelis graduated from Florida Southern College, where he was a four-time MVP for the cross-country team.

DeAngelis and his wife have two daughters.

schoolgirl upskirt pics

Schoolgirl upskirt pics on cell phone


Police in Fontana say they’re trying to find other victims of a man arrested for taking pictures or videotaping up a woman’s skirt.

A woman was shopping with her husband Monday at a Target store on Slover Avenue when she noticed a man following her and acting strange. Police say she later noticed the man had a cell phone taped to his shoe, and was trying to record her.

The woman called out to her husband, who saw what was happening, and he chased Jose Alderete, 38, out of the store. He was allegedly trying to delete items from his phone when the husband caught up with him, took the phone and held Alderete for police.

Officers say they discovered separate videos of other women, which appeared to have been taken at different locations, recorded within the last month.

Alderete was arrested for illegally videotaping the victim under her clothing.

Look guys if you are going to tape a cell phone to your shoe the chances are pretty high you’re gonna get caught, why? because it’s so fucking obvious.
Don’t put the film/pictures into the phones memory, use a mico SD card then you can remove it – swallow it- or lose it.
If your phone does not have the option to use a SD card then don’t be tempted into this method of upskirting.

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