Charity Worker’s Hobby Was Filming Upskirts

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Keith Hoskins, 45, a former charity worker used hidden cameras to covertly film upskirts in Bristol (England)
Hoskins installed his tiny cameras in Lucozade bottles which were placed upright in a bag (now there’s a creative thinker) to film under the skirts of young ladies. ( I say young because I can’t imagine anyone wanting to upskirt a pensioner)

Hidden camera in lucozade bottle for upskirt filming

Hidden camera in lucozade bottle for upskirt filming

He also installed two hidden cameras in a toilet at the office where he worked in Folly Brook Road, Emersons Green, to film women using the lavatory.

Between November 2001 and May 2009 Hoskins worked as a finance officer at HFT, a national charity which helps people with learning disabilities,  but was recently dismissed after HFT heard of his arrest.

After almost two years of filming under women’s skirts he was caught in April 2009 when an off-duty police officer spotted him acting suspiciously in Union Street. The officer saw Hoskins approach a woman and place a bag under her skirt, he approached him and called for other officers to attend the scene. After searching his bag officers discovered a camera lens that had been placed inside a Lucozade bottle and was attached to recording equipment. Hoshins was taken to Trinity Road police station where a further search of the bag was carried out and items including iPods, an MP3 player and a second Lucozade bottle with a camera inside were discovered

Police officers then carried out a search of his address in Horfield and were taken to a computer room by the defendant’s long-term partner Fiona Stevens and found a large quantity of equipment. Several items were seized including a computer tower, hand-held cameras, CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, a digital camera and digital memory cards.

Police also discovered more than 300 voyeurism movies, 2,000 indecent images of children and 13 bestiality movies. (Voyeurism ok, but the children and animal stuff that’s just sick)

Yesterday Hoskins, who lives in Cropthorne Road South, Horfield, Hoskins was unrepresented at Bristol Crown Court but told Judge Neil Ford QC that he wished to represent himself and pleaded guilty to 10 charges of making indecent images of children, three charges of voyeurism, four of outraging public decency and one of possessing extreme pornographic material.

He was told by Judge Ford that a pre-sentence report would be prepared. The judge also asked him whether he wished to have a psychiatric report.

Hoskins replied: “I really need help, Yes.”

Judge Ford added there was a “distinct possibility” that he would be sent to prison and recommended he contact a solicitor.

Hoskins, who signed the Sexual Offenders’ Register after the hearing, will be sentenced next year. He was released on unconditional bail.

Hidden Camera in bottle Upskirt

Hidden Camera Upskirt

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