Hidden Camera in Toilets is it as Popular as Upskirts

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Hidden Camera in Toilets as Popular as Upskirts

Frankfurt – An employee at Frankfurt Airport in Germany has been caught secretly filming women in the toilets, media reported Wednesday.
The 50-year-old airport driver, identified as Thomas L, had hidden cameras behind the toilet paper rolls in two cubicles by an airport car park.
The cameras were activated by a sensor whenever somebody entered the toilet, and the images were recorded to a memory card which the man allegedly uploaded to his computer.
They reportedly filmed thousands of women using the toilets, during the course of at least three weeks. Police said the man was caught 10 days ago, and said they were checking whether he had installed more cameras in the airport.
A woman had discovered one of the cameras when she reached for a spare roll of toilet paper, Bild reported.
When police examined the camera’s memory card, they reportedly discovered an image of the man filming himself as he set up the hidden device.
Airport operator Fraport dismissed the man with immediate effect, after he reportedly admitted to the deed.
‘We are now checking whether the accused disseminated the films,’ a police spokesman said.

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Hidden toilet camera filming

Meanwhile all is not safe in Australia

SCORES of women might have been filmed while they were using a toilet in one of the Melbourne’s busiest arcades.
Police were called after two cameras were found hidden inside female staff toilets at the Block Arcade.
One camera was found in a cornice and the other in a small casing in two stalls.
The cameras were removed last Friday, but police could not confirm how long they were there. It is believed a man in his 40s will be questioned by police and could face charges under the Surveillance Devices Act.
Block Arcade centre manager Don Parsons said he was shocked to be told cameras had been placed in a toilet to which female employees from 29 shops have access.
“A female saw the device and called the police on Friday,” he said.

The discovery came as camera distributors revealed they were selling up to five spy cameras a day.
OzSpy Surveillance Equipment in Brunswick said cameras could be bought for $70 and most buyers were men, aged 30 to 40.
Store assistant Martin Gomulya, 34, said there were no background checks on buyers. “Anyone can buy safety equipment. What they use it for makes it legal or illegal,” he said.
Wireless cameras can be disguised in normal items such as pens and screws, making them difficult to detect.

The City of Melbourne said public toilets were regularly checked.
A spokesman said: “Though the incident occurred on private property, our public toilets are cleaned three times a day and any vandalism, maintenance issues or anything out of the ordinary is reported immediately.


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