How to Film Upskirts and Remain Out Of Sight

admin - Friday, 24 December 2010 07:39

Since I posted this news item Young Girl Upskirts I have been thinking about how this guy managed to snap upskirts and remain out of sight.
Concealing a camera in the floor or cupboard etc is possible in your own home, but in a public shopping area, well unless you worked there then it would be darn near impossible to do.
I joking said a remote car, but yes that method could be used to take upskirts but we all know the noise these remote toys make, and besides a grown man playing with a toy would either raise suspicion or a call from the customer desk to the local asylum.

Then as I was about to browse through my collection of Upskirt Wedding Shots when I had a brain storm and with a cry of eureka I shouted of course!!

Use animals, everyone… well nearly everyone loves animals and they can’t be sent to jail or prosecuted, what’s more with the aid of electric shocks and a beating they can be easily trained.

Here’s a couple in action a dog which is still in the first stage of training of getting close and looking up, and the Monkey working like a true professional.

Doggy Upskirt Training

Doggy Upskirt Training the first lesson is get close and look up

This is Harry and his mate Charlie. The best and most successful method is you need to acquire two monkey’s. Using one to distract the targets attention by jumping on her and squeezing her tits, the other then comes from behind and snaps a few upskirts with the mini cam. Or as we say in the trade “One distracts while the other attacks and snaps”

Monkey Upskirt Training one distracts the other attacks

Monkey Upskirt Training one distracts the other attacks

Ok before anyone jumps down my throat I’m a animal lover and no one should use those methods for training animals, if you haven’t guessed this post is a spoof. Those that do use cruelty to train animals should be hung drawn and quartered and fed to the sharks.

Happy Upskirting 2011 Everyone.

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