Irish Doctor Filmed Women on the Toilet

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Irish Doctor Filmed Women on the Toilet

A DOCTOR has been caught filming a female patient using the toilet at his clinic.

The Dublin medic was arrested after the woman found the hidden camera at Balbriggan Medical Centre.

Dr Deva Devendra, who said he has a “fetish” for watching women going to the toilet, has pleaded guilty to a harassment charge.

The Balbriggan medic also faces disciplinary proceedings before the Medical Council.

Clips from the camera, which Dr Devendra (37) show him setting up the device as well as the woman using the toilet.

The married father of one never got to see the clips as the camera was immediately handed over to gardai by the woman.


Balbriggan District Court was told the doctor had “destroyed his career” and was getting treatment after the incident at the Drogheda Street practice on February 16, 2010.

Dr Devendra, with an address at Balrothery Field, appeared before Judge David Anderson.

Inspector Kieran Houlihan told the court that the surveillance camera had been handed in to Balbriggan gardai on the day it was found.

“On examination the defendant was identified,” said Insp Houlihan, who also told the court that Dr Devendra admitted he had bought the camera on the internet and put it in the toilet.

“He had placed it on a sanitary bin. It was found by a female who had removed it and handed it over to gardai.”

He said Dr Devendra had admitted a fetish for watching women going to the toilet.

The court was also told that gardai had found 59 video clips on a memory card, and the first six were of Dr Devendra setting up the camera. Other clips showed a woman removing her clothing and using the toilet.

Insp Houlihan said Dr Devendra had made full admissions and never had an opportunity to view any of the recordings.

The inspector said the accused had no previous convictions and Judge Anderson accepted jurisdiction, saying he had taken the view that the defendant would not be serving any more than a year in prison if convicted at a higher court.

Dr Devendra’s solicitor told the judge he was entering a guilty plea. “My client was fully co-operative and made full admissions,” he added.

“He is extremely embarrassed and a number of medical reports set out the circumstances quite well.

“This man has been ill for some time. He is no longer practising and has destroyed his career. He will be going before the Medical Council.


“He did not view the material. He has more than likely ruined his career and has no source of income. He is married with a child.”

Medical reports were handed over to the judge while the solicitor said that civil matters between the clinic and the woman in question had been settled. Dr Devendra had agreed to pay back the medical centre.

The case was adjourned until June 9 for a probation report and one regarding Dr Devendra’s treatment.

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