Mobile Phone Upskirter Caught in Singapore

admin - Thursday, 12 August 2010 05:14

Oh what a naughty boy, caught doing something which most of us would love to do yet dare not. Nice young lady takes the escalator, short shirt, you stand behind her, whip out your cell phone and up it goes snapping her lovely pantied ass umm maybe a thong, maybe no panties at all. That’s the excitement of viewing the pictures afterwards in private. So…
SINGAPORE: A man was caught red handed by a member of the public taking a upskirt video (even better pictures are so hit and miss) of a female victim at VivoCity Wednesday evening.

The suspect allegedly stood behind the 24-year-old woman (umm nice) and placed his mobile phone under her skirt as they were riding the escalator up from basement one of the mall.

Unknown to the suspect, his action was spotted by 30-year-old Mr Ho, who was standing near the victim.

Shocked and outraged Mr Ho (well could of been his daughter) not only alerted the young lady but also assisted in detaining the suspect and then later handing him over to the Police.

Investigations are continuing.

If found guilty, the suspect may be jailed for up to a year, fined or given both.

Heres how not to take an upskirt on an escalator

Heres how not to take an upskirt on an escalator. First you will miss your target, secondly you could break your camera

Escalator Upskirt Singapore Cell Phone

Escalator Upskirt Cell Phone Capturing the Moment

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