Persistant Uppie Snapper Arrested Twice

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Persistant Uppie Snapper Arrested Twice

A Floridian man arrested last week and charged with using his cell phone to take videos up a woman’s skirt at a Home Depot store has been arrested again on the same upskirt charges.

This time deputies arrested James Enos after they connected him to store security footage from a Super Target.

The video taken January 6 shows Enos in the superstore at The Waterford Lakes Town Center in east Orange County, Florida. At the time he was free on bond after his arrest for the Home Depot incident.

Deputies reportedly said Enos would drop his cell phone camera in his basket and then would carry it around the store and stand behind unsuspecting women.

The arrest report related to the Target incident shows that when confronted by store security, Enos said he was looking for a toy for his son, but the employee noticed the camera light was still on. Security cameras also caught him taking out the phone’s memory card, putting it in his mouth and walking out of the Target.

Once outside the store, deputies said Enos hid the card in his pocket. He wasn’t arrested for the Target incident, until after deputies said he did it again on February 27th at Home Depot. There, deputies said a man caught Enos taking pictures up his wife’s skirt.

Enos was arrested Thursday and charged with video voyeurism in the Target incident.

He posted a $2,500 bond and has been released from jail, but a judge ordered one of his bond conditions to be that he stay away from video recording equipment.

Persistant Uppie Snapper Arrested Twice

Persistant Uppie Snapper Arrested Twice

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