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Deena Nicole Cortese Celeb Upskirt I Could Live Without

admin - Thursday, 28 July 2011 06:49

Deena Nicole Cortese was captured doing a Snookie (Thats acting the goat while the cameras are watching). Here she is out shopping at Seaside Heights with a friend testing out the strength of an inflatable raft. The makers

SNOOKI Upskirt Not to Be Viewed After Eating

admin - Tuesday, 2 November 2010 09:31

Snooki Upskirts Uppies or just a glimpse of a fat ASS

I have no idea who this fat tub of lard is, but obviously there are a multitude of blind guys or guys who are severely deranged who enjoy the upskirts of a hippo called Snooki.
Having had 2 requests for more snookie uppies, which I find absolutely incredible, I shudder at the thought of guys beating their meat over them. Where did it all go wrong with you people!
Against my usual rational and logical reasoning these are the latest upskirts from this burger devouring monster.
If you have just eaten or you

Snooki Upskirt White Granny Panties

admin - Wednesday, 11 August 2010 09:15

Snooki as she is publicly known, (Never heard of her) is apparently an American television personality. She rose to prominence in late 2009, when she began appearing on the MTV reality show Jersey Shore, (Arr that’s why yet another trashy show for wannabe’s).
A one time Cheerleader..(Incredible but true)

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