UK Shop Worker Convicted for Cell Phone Upskirts

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A SHOP worker used his mobile phone to secretly film up women customers’ skirts at Peterborough railway station, a court has heard.

Kyle Spires (22) who worked in the station’s WHSmith store, was found to have filmed 13 women in the space of just one week, Peterborough Magistrates’ Court was told yesterday (9 February).

The father of one was caught when a woman customer became suspicious when she noticed the phone, switched on, lying on the floor with Spires kneeling nearby filling a magazine shelf.

Spires, of St Peter’s Road, March, pleaded guilty to committing an act of outraging public decency in July last year.

Magistrates’ chairman David Coles ordered Spires to take part in 180 hours of unpaid work, pay his final victim £100 compensation and prosecution costs of £85. He also ordered that Spires’ phone should be confiscated.

He must also attend the Thames Valley Sex Offenders Treatment Programme, after admitting that he had carried out the offences for his own sexual gratification.

The court heard that despite being caught red handed by his final victim, Spires had initially denied the offence.

But when officers forensically examined the phone and found incriminating videos he was forced to admit the charges.

Despite recovering footage which Spires thought he had deleted from his phone, police have been unable to identify 12 of the victims.

Giles Beaumont, prosecuting, told the court the incidents had taken place in the shop between July 3 and July 10 last year.

Mr Beaumont said: “Spires was caught after an incident while he was working in the WHSmith branch in Peterborough Train Station last July.

“A woman was looking at one of the stands in the store, when she accidentally kicked something on the floor.

UK Shop Worker Convicted for Cell Phone Upskirts

UK Shop Worker Convicted for Cell Phone Upskirts

“She looked down, and realised that it was a mobile phone that was turned on. She was very upset and reported it.

“She realised that there was a man, who we now know to be Spires, kneeling down nearby stacking shelves.

“He was suspended, and he has since lost his job. He was arrested on July 14, his phone was seized and he was interviewed by officers. “He said he had put the phone on the floor as he was texting his girlfriend, and could not get a good reception. He said it was just a co-incidence that the lady saw it.

“But the phone was sent away for analysis, and detectives found 13 videos and one photograph that had been deleted, all showing what is colloquially known as upskirt video.

“When confronted with the evidence he admitted he had been doing it for a week.”

Martin Newton, defending, said: “Spires made admissions in interview, and has pleaded guilty at court. He also has no previous convictions. The incidents happened over a short period of time.

“The motive was that it was for his own sexual gratification, and the thrill of doing something wrong and seeing if he could get away with it.”

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