Upskirts and Groping on the Rise Hong Kong MTR

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More women fell victim to upskirt snapper and gropers on crowded MTR trains last year, police said yesterday.

There had also been a rapid rise in the number of predators who are classmates or relatives of the sex-crime victims.

The victims are often underage, with 35 percent of 1,448 victims of indecent assaults being under the age of 15, according to figures released yesterday. Police Commissioner Andy Tsang Wai-hung said making trains less crowded is one way to tackle the increasing number of sex crimes on public transport.

Tsang, who was speaking at the police crime statistics review, said there were 148 indecent assaults on trains last year compared with 112 in 2009.

Overall, the crime rate dropped 2.1 percent to 75,965 cases, with a detection rate of 42.8 percent.

But police are concerned about a 9.9 percent rise in indecent assaults.

Among the 1,448 cases last year, 113 involved schoolmates, compared with 82 in 2009. The number of cases involving relatives also increased by some 50 percent, from 65 to 98.

Meanwhile, Tsang said his priority this year is to ensure public safety.

A woman’s group is calling for more surveillance cameras on MTR trains, and separate carriages for women only.

However, lawmaker Cyd Ho Sau-lan expressed reservations, citing privacy concerns.

“There are many CCTV cameras in public places in Hong Kong, and the images captured are of very high quality,” said Ho, who proposed introducing women-only train carriages.

This month, a Legislative Council subcommittee endorsed a motion calling on the MTR Corp to try adopting women-only carriages.

But the company has resisted the idea, for fear of possible service delays, difficulties in enforcement and a possible breach of the sex-discrimination law.

MRT Station Hong Kong offers good upskirt opportunities if you can find a female whose not wearing trousers!

Hong Kong MRT Good Upskirt Opportunities

Hong Kong MRT Good Upskirt Opportunities

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